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Of the most Important aspects of the Digital marketing of coma- Bias. SEO Search Engine Optimization Is the practice of using a range Of techniques, including rewriting Of the HTML code, the editing of contents, Navigation on the site, Link campaigns and more actions, In order to improve the position Of a website in the Search results for Search terms. Additional Definition From its acronym in English Search Engine Optimization, is the practice To use a series of techniques Which involve the optimization of Page with so-called factors On site and their affordable seo services socialization on the Internet With other pages the so-called Factors off site in order to Improve the position of a website In search engine results For some search terms Concrete. These techniques, and their relevance to Improve positioning, are diverse And changing according to The continuous evolution of search engines. Broad and inclusive definition Strategy and set of practices Aimed at recruitment and loyalty Traffic from The search engines.

Some considerations The SEO is integrated within the own Business and communication strategy Of the company institution. Good positions alone They are worthless, if they do not contribute Nothing to business objectives. He Here, therefore, the need to integrate SEO strategy with the rest Of marketing activities. NOTE: In this text SEO refers both to the own optimization activity For search engines, and individuals and companies that professionally Are engaged in SEO tasks. SEO: Search Engine Optimizer: person or company that performs SEO.

SEO: Search Engine professional seo services india Optimization: the practice of optimizing for engines search. In this case the results are Based on an advertising system Context relating to one professional seo service or more Various search criteria. Is Say, advertisers decide on one Series of terms that, when Searched by users, will display Your ads. The order of the Results depends.